Monday, June 15, 2009

Write to your Senators

Time is short, so shooting them an e-mail might be the way to go. The Senate will soon vote on the Foreign Relations Authorization Act. This bill disastrously creates the Office for Global Women's Issues, which is frightening seeing as Secretary Clinton has claimed that it should be a policy goal of the United States to promote "reproductive rights" around the world, including intervening in domestic political debates to advocate the repeal of any laws that protect unborn lives. This is inappropriate on so many levels. Not only am I bothered by its support for abortion, but I'm bothered that the State Department is actually trying to use our money to engage in political lobbying about domestic issues that have nothing at all to do with the security of the United States. It's one thing when our government tries to bully other countries to override the wills of their people to promote policies for our business interests... but doing it to promote the abortion agenda? That takes things to a whole new level.

My letter to Senator Casey:

Senator Casey, I urge you to stand up for the values of the majority of Americans and to respect the rights of American taxpayers by voting against the current iteration of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act. Passage of this act will create the Office for Global Women's Issues within the State Department. The creation of this office would serve as a major advance to Secretary Clinton's stated goal to make the global promotion of "abortion rights" a fundamental policy goal of the United States. The State Department cannot be allowed to interject itself inappropriately into the domestic political issues of other countries, particularly on issues that are so divisive in the United States. The American people should not be forced to fund the promotion of an agenda that many of us believe is murderous, particularly when it has no obvious relationship with our security. In the House, Congressman Mike Pence argued that "We deserve a foreign relations budget that respects our pocketbooks and our values." While apparently the House of Representatives lacked the courage to stand up for such an idea, please show America and the world that you do. Sincerely, [Collegiate Catholic]

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