Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Episcopal Church

According to CNN:

The Episcopal Church has moved decisively closer to full acceptance of gay men and lesbians, taking steps toward recognizing same-sex marriage and gay bishops.

A key committee voted overwhelmingly Monday to start putting together blessings to be used in same-sex marriages, the church's official newspaper reported.

Separately, the House of Bishops voted by a wide margin to allow gays and lesbians to become bishops, Episcopal Life reported.

The same article says that the Archbishop of Canterbury has expressed "regret" about the decision.

It certainly seems like this is a case where the Episcopalian leadership has chosen the whims of the time over God's immutable truth.  They seem to have sold out the Gospel for a humanist false-gospel... something that all too many Catholics seem keen to do, too.  "They exchanged the truth of God for a lie and revered and worshiped the creature rather than the creator" (Romans 1: 25).  When secular society approaches moral bankruptcy, God says to His followers "Depart from her, my people, so as not to take part in her sins" (Rev 18: 4.)  Instead, many Christians seem to be running to embrace the "morals" of secular society at the expense of the Gospel.

Hopefully the Anglican Communion will distance itself from these decisions, and hopefully the many Episcopalians who really love God's Truth will find their way through the missteps of the Church's leadership.

It's time that we remember, as the Pope's recently released encyclical reminds us, that Charity lies in Truth.  Obfuscating the Natural Law, ignoring the Truth revealed in the Bible, etc., is actually an uncharitable act.  While some may feel like they're being nice to homosexuals or others by ignoring the Word of God, that's not actually the case.  It's the Truth that sets us free.  Trying to hide it and hide from it only leaves more and more people to be trapped by the snares of the Devil.  Christians are called to have faith in all that God has revealed, and to love and respect others enough to share that truth with them.

I would like to remind anyone who might misunderstand, of course, that sharing the Truth is part of respect, and that includes respect for people from different churches, and for people who are homosexual.  Whatever you may believe about the beliefs or the conduct of others, it doesn't make it OK to act like an ass towards others.  That's not the point.

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